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March 19, 2024

Columbia University Waitlist Acceptance Rate

Columbia's library is lit up at night beyond a path.
Columbia historically fails to disclose its waitlist admissions figures (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

If you were recently waitlisted to Columbia University, you’re likely wondering if you’ve got a legitimate shot of receiving an offer of admission over these next weeks. In the back of your mind, you might be considering your waitlist decision akin to a rejection. But is it? You’ve got questions. We at Ivy Coach have got answers.

Columbia Waitlist Acceptance Rates and Statistics

Unlike every other highly selective university in America, Columbia went years not publishing its Common Data Sets, which we find unacceptable

As Ivy Coach’s loyal readers know all too well, in 2022, Columbia got caught with its hand in the cookie jar misreporting data to US News & World Report, shadiness uncovered by a Columbia mathematics professor that led to the school’s unprecedented tumble in the 2023 US News ranking from a tie for #2 to #18 and the school’s announced withdrawal from the 2024 ranking.

So while we publish the waitlist data for almost every highly selective university, Columbia’s waitlist admissions statistics are unavailable (Harvard doesn’t release waitlist figures but at least regularly publishes its Common Data Sets). Indeed, even though Columbia released Common Data Sets over these last two years — likely in response to its misreporting scandal — the school neglected to include its waitlist figures in their Common Data Sets, as though the Ivy League school either couldn’t go to the trouble of featuring three numbers or preferred to be cagey. Either way, it’s not ok.

Columbia University Class YearNumber of Students Waitlisted to ColumbiaNumber of Students Who Chose to Join Columbia WaitlistNumber of Students Accepted Off Columbia WaitlistColumbia Waitlist Acceptance Rate
Columbia Class of 2028TBDTBDTBDTBD
Columbia Class of 2027Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Columbia Class of 2026Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published

Your Chances of Admission to Columbia After Being Waitlisted

While Columbia reprehensibly fails to disclose its waitlist data through the years through its release to the Common Data Set, students who first approach Ivy Coach after being waitlisted by Columbia regularly earn admission to the Morningside Heights-based institution. So, yes, Columbia regularly admits students off its waitlist. If Columbia has waitlisted you, it’s no time to cut bait. Instead, you’re at the one-yard line, and it’s time to make one more giant, savvy push.

Your Chances of Admission to Columbia After Being Waitlisted with Ivy Coach’s Help

Over the last 30 years, approximately 41% of students who first approach Ivy Coach after being placed on the Columbia waitlist have earned admission.

These students have earned admission by following Ivy Coach’s two-step process, which goes as follows:

Getting Started with Ivy Coach on Columbia Waitlist

If you’re interested in optimizing your case for admission to Columbia after being placed on the dreaded waitlist to the Class of 2028, fill out Ivy Coach’s consultation form, indicate that you’ve been placed on the Columbia waitlist, and we’ll be in touch to delineate our services for waitlisted candidates.

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