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October 19, 2019

Columbia Marching Band

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The Columbia University Marching Band is back!

The Columbia University Marching Band, banned just a few weeks ago from performing at the school’s football games in defiance of longstanding tradition, has been reinstated effectively immediately. Columbia, you see, wished to have greater control of the band, since the band’s tactics aren’t always appreciated by the administration. Well, after two weeks of negotiations (yes, you read that correctly!), will play at football games for the rest of the season. And that’s good news for all!

Columbia Reinstates its Marching Band

As Billy Witz reports for The New York Times in a piece entitled “Columbia Reinstates Marching Band in Time for Homecoming,” “The accord largely gave the university what it wanted — greater control of the band, whose irreverence has not always been taken in good humor by the administration. The band will be under the purview of the athletic department when it performs at sporting events, allowing athletic administrators to review scripts, and all band members will be required to sign a code of conduct agreement. At other school events, the band will be supervised by Columbia College.”

We Support the Columbia Marching Band

We’re not so sure we like Columbia tightening the strings on their super creative marching band. Surely Columbia doesn’t want to come across as a puppet-master with its student organizations but, in our view, this is precisely how the school comes across in this particular scenario. Nonetheless, we’re glad the alumni of the Columbia University Marching Band came together to support the organization and found a way to pressure the school’s administration to reinstate it so their music can be heard at all the remaining football games this season. After all, college football without the sounds of a marching band is no college football at all.

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