Colorado Bans Legacy Admission

It is our fervent hope that other states soon follow Colorado’s lead in banning legacy preference in admissions.

Way to go, Colorado! The Centennial State has made the bold move of banning the practice of legacy admission at institutions that receive state funding. Legacy admission, or the practice of offering preferential treatment to the progeny of a school’s alumni base, has long been responsible for perpetuating a cycle of inequality and unfairness. From atop our soapbox in college admissions, we at Ivy Coach have been calling on our nation’s colleges for many years to ban the practice in its entirety. But it seems the colleges aren’t listening. Yet who needs the colleges to listen if the entities that fund them say they’re not going to fund them if they continue this archaic practice.

As Harmeet Kaur and Chris Boyette report for CNN in a piece entitled “Colorado is banning legacy preferences in college admissions,” “Gov. Jared Polis signed a law earlier this week banning officials at state-supported higher education institutions from considering family relationships to alumni — otherwise known as legacy preference — as a criteria during the admissions process. ‘This law makes sure that just because your parent or grandparent went to one of our colleges in Colorado, that doesn’t mean that you automatically get in,’ Polis said at the bill signing ceremony on Tuesday. ‘Because they could take the spot from somebody who is more worthy of that spot.'”

When the bill was first introduced to the Colorado General Assembly, we saluted the bill’s sponsors, Adams County Democratic Rep. Kyle Mullica and Democratic State Sen. Brittany Pettersen of Jefferson County, for daring to challenge the status quo. Today, we congratulate these representatives for a job well done, for ushering the Centennial State into a new era that is fairer for all college applicants. May their work be an example for state legislators across the nation and may the practice of legacy admission finally be put on notice. Job well done, Colorado!


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