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The Universal College Application has been gaining ground on the Common App.

The Common Application, which last year was under quite a lot of pressure because, well, they couldn’t seem to get much right is making some changes under the direction of their new interim CEO, Paul Mott. Rob Killion, of course, stepped down as CEO of the Common App. after such a tumultuous year for the organization. Now, the Common Application is getting rid of the requirement that colleges which subscribe to the application conduct holistic admissions processes. The change was announced at the annual meeting of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, an organization to which Ivy Coach is a member.

According to an article on the Common App.’s change in “Insider Higher Ed” authored by Scott Jaschik, “During the meeting, Mott discussed how the the Common Application recently revised its mission statement and that holistic admissions is no longer in the now-short mission statement, which pledges that the organization will promote access, integrity and equity in admissions. But he immediately followed that statement by saying that holistic admissions is ‘alive and well and thriving at the Common Application,’ and that it was ‘an idea that thrives at the Common Application.'”

The fact is that the Common App.’s rival, the Universal College Application has increased its membership tremendously in recent months, in part due to all of the blunders of the Common App. So just as “The Today Show” has made major changes to try and compete with a show it once dominated but now gets beaten regularly by, “Good Morning America,” the Common App. now is all about change. When something’s broke, it’s got to be fixed. If they have trouble gaining and maintaining member colleges, the Common App. has to relax requirements for memberships. And that’s precisely what they’ve done here.

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