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Students who get admitted to both Duke and Penn seem to prefer Duke, according to Parchment.

“The New York Times” reports that a company named Parchment compiled the college choices of 104,119 students who have applied for college admission since the 2012-2013 academic year. Parchment analyzes how students chose a particular college to matriculate to when admitted to more than one institution. According to the piece on which colleges students choose in “The New York Times,” “When interpreting these results, keep in mind that students don’t apply to colleges randomly. For a variety of reasons, including geographical proximity and in-state tuition discounts, students might favor a nearby school over a distant one. Parchment’s service is also used more widely in some states than others, which means the preferences here wouldn’t match a random sample of students nationwide. Still, the numbers for most colleges — including those that tend to draw applicants nationally — are broadly consistent with other data on students’ choices.”

From the findings, did you know that 83% of students chose the University of Michigan over Michigan State University? That should come as no surprise! Michigan is the better institution. Did you know that 61% of students chose Duke University over the University of Pennsylvania? Well, that’s certainly interesting! 61% of students chose Harvard over Yale. Now it’s getting juicy indeed! 100% of students chose Harvard over Dartmouth. 71% of students chose the University of Chicago over the University of Michigan. 82% of students chose Stanford University over the University of California – Berkeley.

77% of students chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology over the California Institute of Technology. 76% of students chose Harvard University over Princeton University. 67% of students chose Columbia University over the University of California – Berkeley. But 56% of students chose the University of California – Berkeley over Cornell University. And we’ll share some more of this fascinating data in the coming days because we sure can’t get enough. Can you?


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