Colleges Lie

Colleges That Lie, Universities Lie, Colleges Deceive

Highly selective colleges have a vested interest in moving up the “US News & World Report” rankings. You might say, “Duh!” But it’s how they move up the rankings that is interesting.

That’s right. Colleges lie. In college, professors often teach students not to accept anything at face value. Just because a historian writes a take on an historical event in a history textbook, that doesn’t mean his or her opinion of an event is true. It doesn’t mean the events played out as he or she described it. College professors — especially the ones at top universities — encourage students to always challenge, to think, to question, to not accept something simply because someone says it to be true. Interestingly, it’s the very same lesson we at Ivy Coach encourage you to apply to highly selective college admissions.

Just because a college says they’re need blind, don’t believe them. Don’t believe us? That’s fine. But read our arguments on why need blind admissions is a farce before you jump to a conclusion. Just like any good college professor would tell you. Always do your research. Just because a college sends you brochures, that doesn’t mean they have intentions of admitting you. They want students to apply…even unqualified students. And why? So their admission rate will be lower because the more students who apply — even unqualified ones — the better that admission rate will be and the higher the school will be ranked by “US News & World Report.” This ranking matters big time among top universities.

Just because a university tells you that expressing interest in attending their school doesn’t matter, don’t believe it for a second. The vast majority of highly selective colleges measure Demonstrated Interest (see this post on the Interest Quotient). College want to have high yield rates. They don’t want to admit students who they don’t think will matriculate. It’s why students who are admitted to Harvard and Yale are sometimes denied at Penn and Cornell. We can go on and on. The point is: Don’t believe everything highly selective colleges are telling you. Question why they’re telling you something. Think logically. Knowing the true motivations of highly selective colleges can make the admissions process less stressful and more manageable.


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