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"USA Today" has come out with a ranking of the universities that best capitalize on social media.

Facebook pages. Twitter accounts. YouTube. You name the social media platform and you can bet that colleges across the nation are using it to market to prospective students (see our blogs on college social media recruitment and college admissions and social media)! Colleges and social media are, in no uncertain terms, now joined at the hip. Yesterday, USA Today came out with a ranking of the 20 colleges that make the best use of social media. Let’s take a look at the rankings and examine what sets these colleges apart in social media.

1. Notre Dame – The school has Twitter and Facebook accounts for virtually every athletic team. They also have Irish alert text messaging.

2. Syracuse University – The social media platform foursquare was created, after all, by a Syracuse alum!

3. University of Texas

4. Baylor University

5. Butler University

6. Johns Hopkins University

7. Harvard University – Harvard is obviously famous for being the birthplace of Facebook. Did you also know they now have professors of social media?

8. Ithaca College

9. Columbia University – Columbia had so many social media accounts on the web that they had to build a directory to manage them.

10. Emerson College

11. Ohio State University

12. Duke University – The online Duke University Office Hours allows prospective students to interact with real life Duke professors!

Princeton University, Tufts University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Stanford University are also among the remaining universities in the top 20 social media ranking from “USA Today.”


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