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April 17, 2020

College Waitlist Notification Dates for Class of 2024

Princeton University says it will notify waitlisted applicants by June 30 (photo credit: Alfred Hutter).

Are you an applicant to the Class of 2024 who happens to be wondering when you will hear from a certain school that has kept you in waitlist limbo? If so, we’ve aggregated the wording from various highly selective colleges on when they intend to notify waitlisted applicants of their decisions. As we’ve expressed numerous times on the pages of our college admissions blog and in the press, we anticipate that our nation’s elite colleges will reach deep into their waitlists this year. In fact, we anticipate they will reach deeper into their waitlists this year than any year in their history. And why? Because of all the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Will international students not be able to matriculate? Will lots of domestic students choose to take gap years so as to avoid the possibility of beginning their college experiences online in light of current virtual learning?

In any case, below you’ll find anticipated waitlist notification dates for not all highly selective colleges but for many of them. If an elite school is not included in the list below, it’s because — as of the date of this publication — the information has not yet been released. Also, keep in mind that colleges don’t always tell it like it is. Indeed, some of our students have already earned admission off waitlists at some of the below universities even though these institutions publicly tout that they won’t be turning to their waitlists until May or later. And it’s not like a school isn’t going to admit a student off its waitlist in August if more international students can’t matriculate — even if they publicly touted they would notify all waitlist students of their decisions in May. After all, these schools want those tuition dollars. They’re not going to let a seat go empty!

College/UniversityWaitlist Notification Date(s)
Barnard College Early May to Early June
Bates CollegeMostly by June 30, 8/1 at Latest
Carnegie MellonPriority Waitlist by May 4, Non-Priority Waitlist To Begin June 1
Dartmouth CollegeBy Mid to Late June
Georgetown UniversityBy May 15
Georgia Institute of TechnologyAfter May 1
Johns Hopkins UniversityAfter May 1
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBy May 15
New York UniversityBy August 1
Pomona CollgeEarly to Mid-May
Princeton UniversityBy June 30
Rice UniversityBy July 1
Stanford UniversityBy July 1
Tufts UniversityBy Early June
University of CaliforniaBy June 30
University of MichiganBy Late June
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillBy June 30
Notre Dame UniversityMid-Summer
Vanderbilt UniversityEarly May to Early July
Vassar CollegeEarly May to July 1
Wellesley CollegeBefore August 1
Wesleyan UniversityBy June 30
Williams CollegeBeginning in May

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