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Being proactive is essential to gain admission off the college waiting list. While Grace Obherhofer may not have gotten into Harvard, Sarabjot Anand did earn a spot at MIT.

Back in April, we wrote about Grace Oberhofer, a student on the waiting list at Harvard College who posted a video on YouTube in which she sings a plea to Harvard admissions counselors to admit her. Check out the post (Harvard Waitlist) and have a look at Grace’s video to Harvard admissions, a video that now has over 57,000 hits. We wanted to update you that Grace will be attending Tufts University in the fall. She never did get off the Harvard waiting list. But Grace is happy that Harvard is only a T stop away!

Getting admitted off of college waiting lists requires proactivity. Students cannot do nothing. For tips on how students can go about trying to secure a place in the incoming class off of the waiting list, check out this newsletter on college waitlists. You don’t have to post a video to YouTube that’ll go viral. There are indeed other ways to catch the attention of admissions counselors to gain a spot in the class. But as an aside, Sarabjot Anand, a student who posted a similar musical video on YouTube in the hope of getting off the MIT waiting list was indeed admitted, according to the text under his YouTube video.


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