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Doing nothing is as unlikely a strategy as any to get you off a college waiting list.

If you are a student on a college waiting list, know that it is still not too late to try to fight your way off that waiting list and earn a spot in the incoming class. Were you planning on doing nothing and waiting to see if luck would be on your side as you hope to get off the Harvard waiting list? Guess what — if you do nothing, we are quite certain that luck will not be on your side. Getting off a highly selective college waiting list is absolutely not about luck. It is about being proactive and it’s about being proactive the right way. That means it’s not about going into an admissions office and begging an admissions officer to let you in. It’s not about giving her cookies either. And yet people do foolish things like this all of the time. Yikes!

Our students at Ivy Coach would never make such mistakes. Our students — who often come to us as clients after they’ve been waitlisted and we work with them exclusively on trying to get off these waiting lists — show their interest in the colleges that have waitlisted them in powerful, moving ways. Our students stand out from the pack of waitlisted applicants. One way to stand out is by writing a powerful, well-written letter of enthusiasm to the college that has waitlisted you. We help our students craft amazing letters of enthusiasm so that they are the exceptions to the rule of the waiting list. The rule is that most students won’t get in. And yet ours so often do. It’s no coincidence.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of waitlisted students and their parents. Most parents who call us just like to brag about their children (like we care!) and aren’t wise enough to listen to what we have to say. The wise parents, of course, sign up for our services and their children very often earn their way off that waiting list and into the incoming class. If you are such a wise parent, contact us today to get started as time is of the essence. If you are an unwise parent and are simply calling us to brag about your child, consider calling a therapist instead. Or 411. We’re sure you can find an operator to chat with.


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