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April 11, 2011

College Transfer Students

Transferring to a school like Brown University is more difficult than getting in directly from high school (photo credit: Chen Siyuan).

It’s no surprise that transferring to an Ivy League university or other highly selective college is a most difficult feat. At many of these universities, the acceptance rate for transfer applicants is considerably lower than the acceptance rate for its regular applicant pool of high school students applying as freshman. In fact, Brown University experienced a 20% increase in transfer applications from last year. According to the “Brown Daily Herald, “The University received around 1,950 transfer applications this year — a 20 percent increase from last year’s 1,621 applications. The Admission Office has not yet decided the exact number of transfers it will accept, but it plans to offer spots to around 200 students and enroll between 125 and 130. The Corporation approved an increase of up to 50 for next year’s transfer class to stabilize the student body at around 6,000, but the University determined a smaller increase in transfer enrollment would be sufficient.”

Check out the “Brown Daily Herald” article here.

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