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“The New York Times” has a great piece on which colleges students tend to choose to attend over others.

We recently wrote about college selection based on research conducted by Parchment as reported in an article on college selection in “The New York Times.” The research is based on the college choices of 114,119 students who have applied for college admission since the 2012-2013 admissions cycle. To jog your memory, “When interpreting these results, keep in mind that students don’t apply to colleges randomly. For a variety of reasons, including geographical proximity and in-state tuition discounts, students might favor a nearby school over a distant one. Parchment’s service is also used more widely in some states than others, which means the preferences here wouldn’t match a random sample of students nationwide. Still, the numbers for most colleges — including those that tend to draw applicants nationally — are broadly consistent with other data on students’ choices.”

Anyhow…on to the juicy stuff! Did you know that from this dataset, 83% of students admitted to both George Washington University and American University chose GW? 73% of students admitted to both Vanderbilt and the University of Michigan chose Vanderbilt. 86% of students chose Notre Dame University over Indiana University. 60% of students chose Boston College over Villanova University. 89% of respondents chose UCLA over UCSD. 61% of students chose the University of Wisconsin over Tulane University.

And how about Rice? 77% of students chose the University of California – Berkeley over Rice University. 60% of students chose Harvey Mudd College over UCSD, while 82% of students chose Carleton College over the University of Wisconson. Does that surprise you? Does any of this data on college selection surprise you? We’re curious to hear your thoughts so post a Comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.


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  • AP Tipps says:

    Interesting stats. Regarding location, I for one definitely favour going to a college closer to my home. Lucky for me there are some good ones nearby, but it’s not the case for everyone.

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