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Suzy Lee Weiss annoys us greatly.

A few days ago, we wrote about Suzy Lee Weiss, a high school senior who had been rejected by a number of colleges. But we didn’t write about Suzy, the college reject, because she had been denied admission by all of the Ivy League colleges to which she applied. We wrote about her because she wrote a bitter editorial in “The Wall Street Journal” about how unfair the highly selective college admissions process is. We’re all about the freedom of expression and kudos to Suzy for getting an editorial piece in “The Wall Street Journal.” But Suzy’s editorial isn’t particularly funny, it’s borderline racist and homophobic, and she comes across as a total brat. Shame on her.

On “The Today Show,” that other morning network news program that nobody watches except for Matt Lauer’s relatives anymore because Robin, George, Josh, Lara, and Sam are having so much fun over on “Good Morning America,” Suzy spoke with Savannah Guthrie about why she wrote her piece. It seems that she wanted to speak for all of the high schoolers who have faced dashed dreams like her because they didn’t get into the colleges of their dreams. She says that her piece is a satire like “30 Rock.” Suzy, the difference between your piece and “30 Rock” is that “30 Rock” is funny. And not only that, your piece is grossly inaccurate. Playing three varsity sports won’t help you get into college. Maybe in the early ’90s when colleges sought out well-rounded students. Not anymore. Volunteering in Africa won’t necessarily help you either. While you’d probably be doing great work for humanity, it can even hurt you in college admissions because it tells admissions officers that you’re rich enough to summer in Africa. College admissions officers don’t make tons of money. Get the idea? And starting a fake charity? That would be fraud. It could even lead to arrest! We could go on and on.

Suzy, you’re a very well spoken young adult. And you’re getting quite a bit of publicity right now. But we promise you that in ten years, when you realize this editorial did not make you “the voice of a generation” like Lena Dunham, you’re not going to want all of this publicity popping up on your Google results. You won’t want the person interviewing you for a job to see it. You won’t want the person you go on a date with to see it either. But we guess you have to live a little bit to learn. Good luck at Michigan.

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  • RKW says:

    There is no way I would be accepted to the top rated institutions these days, which I was accepted to 45 years ago. I had a GPA in the 3’s, only played sports my sophomore year due to an injury. Worked my whole high school life, with no volunteering, and was only in the top 10% of SAT scores. Yet, I was accepted to two Ivy league schools, and two great high rated state schools. Actually ended up going to a very good Private school in my home area. (more than any other reason, cost was a factor for me). Forget Ivy League for a minute. I have a client who’s daughter was very comparable to this young lady. GPA over 4, valedictorian, lots of volunteer work, some sports, eminently qualified. Also however, she was from a small town public school. She was denied entry to one of the two prestigious state schools here in our state. Yet, foreign, and out of state students with inferior qualifications were accepted. Is that proper? Do they just want the out of state tuition rate or ? Ivy is different. However, whenever I think of the Left and Right coast liberalism these days, its almost accepted that students like her are often, not only overlooked, but denied acceptance for “diversity” or PC reasons. BTW, the young lady denied acceptance I mentioned above? Her father was so angry at the University, he actually called in the Lawyers. Before anything was spread over all the local papers, the University reviewed her application, and accepted her. She has now graduated, and is in graduate school.

  • HDS says:

    I too would not be accepted at the Ivy I went to in the mid seventies. Nor would a good number of my classmates. I thought this post was particular insightful. My understanding is that admissions officers are looking for several things including leadership across a wide variety of human intellectual, artistic and social endeavors, maturity, a commitment to community involvement and love of learning. It seems impossible to me that they wouldn’t not have picked up this kids’s lack of maturity, her self involvement and her general obnoxiousness. Congratulations to them.

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