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College marketing brochures are no indication that a university intends to admit you.

Many students and their parents believe that they are being recruited by various highly selective colleges because they’re receiving college marketing brochures from these very universities. Is this true? No. Are they being recruited? Well, in a way — yes. These students are being recruited to apply? Why? To boost the number of applicants to a university. After all, the more students that apply, the lower the school’s acceptance rate invariably will be. It’s that simple.

The universities get your name and contact information from The College Board. If you fall in between certain scores on the SAT, as an example, you get a brochure. Does that mean that the college has a good feeling you’ll gain admission? Absolutely not. But they know that you’ll think that if you start getting their brochures. And if you think that, you’ll have a better shot of applying. And then they can deny you admission and thereby boost their “US News & World Report” ranking.

The fact is that the college marketing brochures mean absolutely nothing. They should be used to create paper airplanes. They should be used as scratch paper. They are that meaningless. If you’re a parent of a college applicant who receives these brochures or if you’re a college applicant receiving them, just know why you’re getting them and react accordingly. In this way, you’ll be a better educated and more informed college applicant. And those are exactly the kind of applicants that our students at Ivy Coach are.


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