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Colleges send out letters of interest even to students they know don’t have a chance of getting admitted. Why? The answer is in the rankings.

We receive a number of correspondences that read something like this: “My son has been receiving a ton of college letters of interest. He recently got a letter from the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Duke, Christoph Guttentag. So I’m thinking he has a really good shot at getting into Duke.” We sincerely hate to burst bubbles but we’re in the business of demystifying the college admissions process for our students (and for our prospective students…and anyone else who reads our blog or peruses our website). We’re not in the business of having our students buy into college admissions myths that, unfortunately, a huge percentage of college applicants do.

The truth about college letters of interest is that they’re not worth the paper they’re written on. Colleges, including Ivy League colleges, send these very letters to lots of students – even to students who don’t have the slightest chances of ever gaining admission to the university that sends the letter – because these colleges are trying to increase their application numbers. They want students to apply. The more students that apply, the lower their acceptance rate and the stronger their all-important “US News & World Report” ranking will be.

So, basically, don’t get your hopes up that a letter from the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Duke is any indication that you or your child will be admitted to Duke next year. While it’s of course possible that the student will be admitted, based on Duke’s admissions rate, there’s a better chance the student won’t be. And that’s where our expert college counseling services can be of help! Contact us today to get started!

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