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Is the speedy senior the new super senior? You decide. Let us know your thoughts on this college graduation trend (photo credit: chensiyuan).

There is a new trend at colleges, according to a college graduation statistics analysis by “USA Today,” and that trend involves students who graduate in three years. We know you’ve heard of super seniors, those students made famous in movies like “Old School” and “Road Trip,” but have you heard of speedy seniors? It should come as no surprise that there are more and more speedy seniors these days. With an economy in flux and college tuition through the roof (the cost of college tuition rises each year at a rate much higher than the rate of inflation), college students are looking to save money and not find themselves in debt for many years to come.

College graduation statistics as reported in the “US News & World Report” rankings don’t account for speedy seniors separately. They get the same degree as students who graduate in four years and can enter the job market and make money a year earlier than their peers. But at what cost? Are they missing out on their college experience? What about the friends and connections they make in college? If they’re only there for three years, won’t they be missing out at least on that part? According to a Cornell University dean as reported by “USA Today,” “The opportunity to spend concentrated time taking courses will not come again in most of our students’ lives, and we want them to make and get the most out of what we offer. Hurrying through the wonders of our curriculum just doesn’t make sense.” We at Ivy Coach happen to agree with the Cornell dean even if Cornell and every other university has a vested interest in students staying all four years (it hurts colleges’ bottom line if they don’t get the tuition for four full years)

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