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November 17, 2021

College Enrollment Figures

Ivy Coach’s Jayson Weingarten recently offered his thoughts on college enrollment patterns to Newsy (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

If you recently read an article or watched a news segment that college enrollment numbers are declining, it’s not untrue. At many of America’s 900+ universities, student enrollment is down and quite a few of these schools are struggling financially. But as our readers know well that which is true at the vast majority of America’s universities is often not true at America’s most selective universities. At our nation’s most elite universities, including the Ivy League institutions, application numbers surged this past year and some of these schools in recent years have expanded their incoming class sizes.

In a segment for Newsy, Ivy Coach’s Jayson Weingarten, a former University of Pennsylvania admissions officer, cites a dramatic increase in interest, dubbing it a tale of two types of institutions. As he states, “When you look at the subset of colleges, our nation’s leading institutions — the Ivy+ schools of the universe — those are the schools that are actually seeing a dramatic increase in terms of number of applications. So it really is a tale of two types of institutions…you have schools like Princeton up 15% in number of applications last year, Yale was up 40% in Early, Harvard 42%, MIT led the private schools with an increase of 66%.”

Be sure to check out Jayson’s interview on college enrollment figures. And if you have a question on the topic, post it as a comment below. We’ll be sure to write back!

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