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Our pro bono services at Ivy Coach are for veterans only. It’s exclusive like that!

At Ivy Coach, we work with veterans on a pro bono basis as they seek to earn admission to our nation’s elite universities. While our pro bono services used to be reserved to students from low-income families, to students who are underrepresented minorities, to students who will be the first in their immediate families to go college, and to veterans, we realized that many of the veterans we work with check each and every one of these boxes. And there are so many veterans deserving of our help that these brave men and women deserved a program reserved exclusively for them.

Veterans Too Often Don’t Realize Our Nation’s Elite Colleges Covet Them

Too many of our nation’s veterans don’t realize that so many of our country’s most elite universities covet veterans like them. Let’s take Princeton University as an example. Since reinstating transfer admissions at the Princeton, New Jersey-based institution, the vast majority of transfer admits have been veterans of America’s military. And it’s not like Princeton’s alone among its Ivy League peers. Schools like Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania are among the most veteran-friendly schools in America.

We Want to Help More Veterans, Especially Female Vets

Too many of our nation’s veterans think that their community college backgrounds or their high school grades and test scores will preclude their admission to America’s most selective universities. In many cases, this simply isn’t the case. You see, admissions officers are human beings, human beings who understand that people can grow and mature and become even more intellectually curious when they see the world as a member of one of the five branches of America’s fighting forces. Veterans are a coveted group by our nation’s elite colleges and they’re a coveted group by Ivy Coach. We want to work with more veterans this year than we did last year. And we especially wish to work with more female veterans!


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