College Consultants and China

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The vast majority of college consultants in China aren't exactly virtuous. Many indeed act reprehensibly.

College consultants and China. Right now, it’s a bad mix…a system in need of an overhaul. For students using college consultants in China, we’d like to give you a warning. A big warning. The vast majority are highly unethical. We’ve written before about how they often receive kickbacks from universities in the United States should their students enroll there. We’ve written before about how they have students choose college essays from a stack of prewritten and often already used college essays.

But new information circulating in the press suggests many college consultants in China are indeed even faking transcripts, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities for students. Have these college consultants in China no moral compasses? It seems not. And students and parents alike should know that what these consultants are doing is not only unethical but it could well ruin lives.

The student with the fraudulent transcript and fraudulent letters of recommendation probably won’t be able to excel at MIT. Maybe he or she will be expelled for lackluster grades. Maybe the student doesn’t even speak or understand English fluently. Do you know the kind of stress a student would be under if she has to take a high-level economics course but can’t even understand basic English phrases? That’s the type of situations these unethical college consultants in China are putting these students into. It’s just not right and something has to change.


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