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April 11, 2011

College Consultant

More students are using college consultants than ever before.

A study by the Independent Educational Consultants Association, an organization we’ve been a member of but pretty much think is a joke, did something worthwhile for a change of pace. They found that 26% of high-achieving students hire a college consultant. So the long held belief that a college consultant is a service that is used exclusively by the wealthy to assist in the college admissions process isn’t true. Shocker. What next…colleges actually look to see if students are full pays (that they can afford the full cost of the annual tuition) even if the university is “need-blind?” Say it ain’t so!

According to a IECA press release, “Based on a nationwide survey of 1,264 students achieving an 1150 or higher on the SAT I (on a 1600 point scale) and/or ACT composite of 25 or higher, those identified in the study were in the 70th percentile and higher. Assisting Lipman Hearne in the research phase was the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA). The study provides tremendous insight into the factors students use when deciding among many variables, and explores information gathering among students. It was the finding that more than a quarter of the students hired an educational consultant that may be most surprising.”

The fact is that when high school guidance counselors and college advisors have case loads of 500 or more students and also have non-college counseling responsibilities, your child may not get the personal attention that he or she deserves. Also, not every high school guidance counselor is up to speed on the latest ins and outs of the highly selective college admissions process. Ivy Coach offers that personal attention, expertise, and individualized assistance with every aspect of the college admissions process. There are many more reasons to consider hiring a college counselor. Read more reasons for hiring a college admissions consultant and contact us today!

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