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Just because someone writes something on a message board on College Confidential does not mean it’s true!

We so often receive emails and calls that go something like this: “I read on College Confidential…” We typically check out after those first few words because we know better than anyone that the next words to be said in that string are likely entirely inaccurate. That’s right. Inaccurate. College Confidential is a message board. It’s a really nice, big community of stressed out parents, students, and, as Conan O’Brien might add “weirdos who just go to these things.” If you’re not in high school or college and you’re not the parent of a high schooler, it would be strange to frequent this website. We happen to agree with Conan. Although Conan has never made public remarks on College Confidential. He just made a similar remark about folks who go to commencement ceremonies when they don’t know anyone in particular graduating. So we went with this. Deal with it.

While there can indeed at times be good information on College Confidential (sometimes even great information!), there’s also a whole lot of bad information on these message boards. Just because someone writes something does not mean that which is written is true. Maybe it’s a stressed out high school junior trying to throw everyone off so she writes how a deadline to submit applications has now passed…when in fact it has not! Don’t think that happens? You haven’t been perusing the message boards of College Confidential long enough! Some people write inaccurate things on these message boards because they don’t know any better. Some do it intentionally. And, yes, there is indeed some accurate information sprinkled in there. The key word there is sprinkled. Like on ice cream.

So by all means if visiting College Confidential makes you feel good, keep doing it. It if stresses you out about the college admissions process more than you already are stressed, stop going there. But do realize either way that not everything on these message boards is accurate. Quite a lot is entirely inaccurate. So just have this in mind next time you email us and lead with: “I saw on College Confidential…” Oh boy…


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