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February 21, 2024

Is College Confidential An Accurate Source?

A bronzed statue of John Harvard at Harvard University is featured.

College Confidential, an online forum for students and parents to come together to discuss all things college admissions, has — as of this writing in 2024 — been around for 21 years. It’s quite a long time! While we at Ivy Coach have been around for 32 years, 21 years is a long time to remain relevant. But, its endurance aside, is College Confidential an accurate source to learn about the highly selective college admissions process?

No, College Confidential Is Not an Accurate Source for College Admissions

Let us be clear: College Confidential, while it may help students and parents feel like they’re part of a community as they navigate the churning waters of elite college admissions, is not an accurate source of information on the college admissions process. Far from it!

Sure, the platform may decrease the anxiety levels of some students and parents by simply hearing the stories of others hoping to earn admission to top universities. Still, it’s also chock full of misinformation, including but not limited to:

College Confidential Serves as a Platform to Perpetuate College Admissions Misconceptions

College Confidential is essentially a platform for students and parents to write mostly nonsense and for others to accept it as truth. Thus, we believe the platform creates a vicious cycle that only makes the process more stressful for all. Sure, students and parents can connect with one another as they all navigate the process. But these people aren’t friends. In fact, many students and parents are incentivized to spread misinformation since readers are their direct competition. As such, whatever you read on College Confidential should be read with six grains of salt and a dash of pepper.

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