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This year’s college graduates face an improved job market, reports “USA Today.”

“USA Today” reports that this year’s college graduates are meeting a better job market as compared to last year’s college graduates. According to “USA Today,” “Employers plan to hire 19.3% more recent graduates this year, says a report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The association surveyed 174 schools from February through April. The increase in open positions means employers have half as many applicants per job now than at this time last year: 21.1 applicants this year vs. 40.5 in 2010.” Employees in college career counseling offices are reporting anecdotal evidence as well of students receiving multiple employment offers when in past years, college students were lucky to receive only one.

If you’re wondering which college major draws the highest starting salary, the National Association of Colleges and Employers indicates that it’s chemical engineering with an average starting salary of $66,886. According to “USA Today,” “A Michigan State survey of 4,600 employers found that companies will hire 10% more graduates with bachelor’s degrees this year, the first increase in two years.” Students and college career counseling employees are finding more and more jobs to which students can apply and that’s a great sign indeed for the economy’s turnaround.

Check out the “USA Today” article by Marissa Kendall here.

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