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June 2, 2020

College Board Scraps At-Home SAT Testing

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put all SAT and ACT testing in flux.

Men and women plan, God laughs. It seems to be the theme of this year of our still young century. And the plans of folks involved in the college admissions process have certainly not been spared. Today, College Board, the maker of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, has announced that it will have to postpone plans to offer students an at-home version of the SAT. As our readers may remember, back in mid-April, College Board and ACT, the maker of their eponymous exam, announced plans to create a take-home exam for fall test-takers, which students could complete virtually. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

College Board Tried, But Couldn’t Pull It Off

As Anemona Hartocollis reports for The New York Times in a piece entitled “College Board Scraps Plans for SAT at Home,” “The College Board said on Tuesday that it would postpone plans to offer an online version of the SAT for high school students to take at home this year, further muddying a ritual of the college application process that had already been thrown into chaos by the coronavirus…In its latest statement, the board said the technological challenges of developing an online test that all students could take had led to the decision to drop it…The College Board asked colleges and universities on Tuesday to ’show flexibility’ to the millions of students who were not able to take the SAT this spring because of cancellations. It asked colleges to extend deadlines for receiving test scores, and to give equal consideration to students who were unable to take the test because of the pandemic.”

ACT Hasn’t Announced Any Postponement of Fall Take-Home Test Plans Yet

And while College Board has postponed its plans to offer fall take-home exams, there is still no word from ACT on whether or not College Board’s arch-rival will be able to pull off the feat of offering the first virtual ACT this fall. Here at Ivy Coach, we’ve got a famously accurate crystal ball, a harbinger of all things college admissions, and it’s ready and willing to make a college admissions forecast today: ACT will soon be announcing they’ll be postponing plans to offer a take-home ACT this fall, too. Let’s wait and see if our prediction proves true. Only time will tell.

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