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The College Board sent out stickers of cows to high school counselors. So weird.

We’re glad to hear that the College Board is doing good things in the world. Ok, we might be being a little facetious. Recently, the College Board sent out a mass mailing to high school counselors that included cow stickers. Multicolored cartoon cow stickers — three dozen of them. That’s right. The College Board, a nonprofit in name, is wasting its money on cow stickers. In a letter to school counselors, the College Board wrote, “Dear educator, Your students participated in the PSAT/NMSQT, along with 3.6 million other students, and had a great time taking the test. Please help distribute these stickers, and thank you! Sincerely, The College Board.”

Seriously? In all of our years working in the business of highly selective college admissions, we have never met one student — not one student — who had a “great time” taking the PSAT/NMSQT. Are they serious? And why would high school students want multicolored stickers of cows? Do they think that the majority of PSAT test-takers are six years of age? Oy vey. Many school counselors didn’t believe that this mailing could be real, that it likely came from an imitator of the College Board. But why would anyone waste their time and money on this? A non-profit should surely be more fiscally responsible than choosing to waste their time and money on cow stickers.

What do you think of this College Board PR disaster? According to an article on the College Board in “The Chronicle of Higher Education,” “The College Board’s goal, the spokeswoman said, was to ‘recognize the student experience’ while reminding them of the organization’s free college-planning resources. The back of each sticker bears a message that includes the following: ‘Who would have thought cows could be so inspiring? We hope that the PSAT is always this fun.'” Absolutely ridiculous. That’s all we’ve got to say about that.


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