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Baltimore High School Says Colleges Didn’t Receive Some Admissions Material.

A principal in Baltimore’ Western High School has acknowledged that certain college application materials for a number of its high school seniors did not reach university admissions offices. Yikes! This is a mishap that should never take place with vigilant college applicants! Applicants need to make sure all of their material has been received. High school guidance counselors and guidance secretaries do make mistakes (like not submitting certain college application materials) that will adversely impact your college admissions chances.

Students need to always check to make sure all of their college application materials were received by each college. According to a WAMU release, “In a release letter, Principal Alisha Trusty said last week she learned some college admissions materials required from the all-girls public school, including transcripts, school profiles, and recommendations were not received by all the colleges students applied. Trusty said she immediately contacted the parents of 24 students who had not been accepted to any college. A spokesperson said 10 of those students were eventually admitted to a school, leaving 14 members in a class of 187 still waiting. The principal also wrote the school is investigating the cause of the oversight, and will hold the responsible parties accountable for the mishap.”

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