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May 30, 2015

College Application Help

The time for college application help is now — during the summer months. It’s not minutes before the admissions deadlines (photo credit: Andreas Praefcke).

For rising high school seniors, the time for college application help is now. It’s not in the final days of October if you’re applying through an Early Decision or Early Action admissions policy. It’s not on New Year’s Eve if you’re applying in the Regular Decision admissions round (though we encourage all of our students to apply in the Early Decision or Early Action rounds since the odds of admission are much more favorable in the earlier rounds). How a student spends his or her summer will be vitally important during the highly selective admissions process. Fancy summer enrichment programs at elite universities, service trips in Nicaragua, and travel across the European continent are all examples of activities we strongly discourage our students at Ivy Coach from doing. And that’s why it’s important to come to us now so that we can help you shape precisely how to make the most of your summer from a highly selective college admissions standpoint. And now is also the time to start working on college applications. Not later.

That’s right. The time is now to start with those cumbersome college applications and the many supplemental admissions essays that go with them. It is imperative that students get great grades in the fall of their senior years so why would they want to be distracted with the college applications they have to complete? The summer — right after school ends — is the time to dive in and get these knocked out. This way, by the time school starts up again, these students will be all done, while their peers will be all stressed out. Who needs that stress. Get it out of the way. No need to procrastinate.

If you’re interested in planning out your summer before senior year (or if you’re a younger student, those summers matter a whole lot, too) and if you’re going to need college application help (you sure will!), we recommend that you sign up for a free consultation with us today. And don’t wait until those deadlines are right around the corner. That would be a very silly thing to do and yet, without fail, so many students do this each and every year.

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