College Applicants Collecting Feathers for Their Caps

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Name a student who chose Pomona over Harvard or Stanford and we’ll bake you a pie (photo credit: King of Hearts).

About a month ago, we questioned why a young man, Micheal Brown, whose accomplishments have been lauded in the press and who earned admission to Stanford University in the Early Action round — a school his mom has publicly stated has been his dream school — would apply to 19 other colleges. We get it why a student would wish to apply to Harvard in the Regular Decision round after earning Early admission to Stanford. We’re ok with that decision. But Pomona? Northwestern? Don’t get us wrong. Pomona and Northwestern are phenomenal schools but in all of our years helping students earn admission to highly selective colleges, we’ve never once come across a student who has chosen Pomona or Northwestern over Stanford. We don’t believe Micheal Brown really had intentions of attending so many schools over Stanford. We believe he was simply collecting feathers for his cap and thus taking slots away from other deserving students. He chose to share his story with the press. He thus invites potential criticism, high school student or not.

Student Admitted to 20 Colleges Demands On-Air Apology from Fox, Doesn’t Get It

Apparently a local “Fox News” anchor felt the same way we did. As reports Ashley May in a piece entitled “Teen with full ride to 20 colleges requests public apology from Fox affiliate in order to air interview,” “Co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser called applying to that number of schools ‘ridiculous.’ ‘It’s a little ridiculous that this kid applied to 20, taking away a spot and basically waitlisting another kid,’ Fraser said on the show. ‘I think it’s a little obnoxious because you can only go to one,’ Morris commented. ‘You can only take one full ride, and you are taking a spot from someone else who worked really hard.’ Two days later, Micheal said he had a ‘respectful’ interview with Morris, but he will not allow the segment to air until the station issues a public apology. ‘Where’s the #humandecency?’ he tweeted. Micheal’s mother Berthinia Rutledge-Brown told USA TODAY that Morris never apologized and instead said, ‘I didn’t mean to offend you.’ They didn’t receive an apology from the station either, she said.”

We Never Thought We’d Say This, But We Stand With “Fox News”

We never thought we’d utter these words but we absolutely stand with these “Fox News” anchors! We stand with “Fox 5” co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser. We stand behind their sentiment and we commend them for hanging a lantern on a practice (seemingly applying to schools just to collect feathers for one’s cap) that we stand firmly against. We’re glad they wouldn’t issue an on-air apology, especially because Micheal Brown wouldn’t let them air a segment in which he was featured unless they did so (guess that tactic didn’t work). In fact, Micheal Brown’s comments on our blog (which our readers are welcome to read) only make us double down on our position. We’re sure Micheal Brown is a wonderful young man. But submitting and/or failing to withdraw applications after earning admission to Stanford is not something that should be praised by the press. It should be admonished.

Micheal proclaimed that he’d be announcing his college decision on April 30th, waiting to let schools know of his decision right at the end (a move not particularly nice to waitlisted students). In any case, guess which school he chose? …The school to which he applied Early Action, the school that his mom proclaimed was his “dream school” — Stanford University. Shocker!


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  • ivy dad says:

    and surprise, surprise…he chose Stanford. Was there ever really any chance he would choose anything other than Stanford or Harvard? lets be real here.

  • Sidney says:

    Huh, I would have thought this young man had other interests more important than wasting time applying to schools he had no intention of considering. Or maybe applying to colleges is his hobby? Kind of an odd way to get your kicks.

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