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Is there a college admissions topic that you’d like us to write about on the pages of our college admissions blog? If so, we’re curious to hear from you what that topic is. We have many loyal readers of our blog and there may very well be a topic we haven’t covered over the last several years. We post every single day, including weekends, Christmas, Yom Kippur, and even Halloween. We don’t know why we included Halloween among these sacred holidays. We were just being silly. But we’re certain there are topics we haven’t covered, so if you can think of one, be sure to point it out.

Now that doesn’t mean we’ll end up writing about it. There are several topics we will never write about on our college admissions blog. And that’s because we’re an American business and we have a secret sauce. Which is delicious, we might add. Our secret sauce is reserved for our paying clients, rather than for readers of our college admissions blog. Sure, a reader of our blog who never becomes a paying client can come away with a lot of great advice from regularly reading our writing, but this reader will also be missing out on a whole lot…the stuff that helps our students earn admission to their dream schools. We make no apologies for not sharing much of our secret sauce. Nor will we ever apologize for keeping our ingredients a secret to our readers. We are not an information service. We’re a business, one that’s been around for about a quarter century.

So be sure to post an idea in the Comments section below for a blog you’d like us to write. But know that we may not give you the answer you’re looking for. If, however, you want your answer, well, you know where to find us. Click on our orange button, fill out the form, become a client (you won’t get to taste our secret sauce during the free consultation either, which is only to discuss our service offerings), and you’ll get to taste our delicious sauce. It’s quite yummy.


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  • Vicki Glass says:


    You have touched on so many topics in your years of blogs that there is probably little that you have missed, but I thought of one topic that may be of some interest to readers. Not sure if this is one of your secret sauce topics, though! Anyway, the topic is: Does applying and getting accepted into a diversity weekend offered at a highly selective college/university have any effect on that same student’s chances of being accepted at that same college? Okay, that’s it— Thanks for all of the fantastic information.

  • Vincent F says:

    Not sure if true but I read that some colleges have recruiters for certain geographies or states.

    How about something related to potential quotas based on geography (home state, region) ?

    Not sure if this affects US news rankings but assuming schools want to diverse geography too. Does this make it easier, harder or same to get into an out of state private school vs. a private school within the home state (assuming like academic selectivity requirements) ?

    Would love to hear Ivy Coach thoughts here either way.

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