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While it may come as a surprise, working hard to achieve great grades is not valued by admissions counselors at highly selective colleges (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

We’d like to give you a  college admissions tip that may come as a surprise and it has to do with hard work. You’re taught from a young age that hard work is to be admired. You’re taught that hard work is essential to success. And you were absolutely taught right! But in the competitive game of college admissions, there’s a fine line between hard work and having to work hard to succeed.

Highly competitive colleges like the universities of the Ivy League aren’t interested in students who have to work hard to achieve great grades. They want students for whom academic achievement comes naturally. And they certainly don’t want students who work hard to achieve a grade. That’s the kind of applicant who ends up in the deny stack. They want applicants with a passion for academics and a deep intellectual curiosity.

So if you write in a college essay – even a short supplement that’s 250 characters or less – how you love the feeling of earning an A after putting in all of your energy to study for an exam, you might want to consider revising that essay immediately! Is it satisfying to earn an A after studying hard? Of course. But in your limited space available, showcase yourself the right way! Avoid this kind of mistake at all costs!


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