College Admissions Secrecy

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Don’t wear a Cornell hoodie if you’re applying to Cornell. Try to be a little more stealth if you can (Sach1tb).

If you’re a high school senior, you probably are rather anxious about the upcoming college admissions process. Where will you apply — if you haven’t already decided on your top choice(s), will you get in, where will you end up? These are questions that are likely festering in your brain. But we’d like to share with you a tip about the college admissions process: Don’t share whatever is going on inside your head with lots of your classmates. There is no need for you to tell your classmates all of the universities to which you’re applying. There is no need to tell them your top choice(s). This is the kind of information that is best kept to yourself.

Will it come up in conversation? You bet. And sometimes you’ll just have to share the information. But sometimes you don’t have to and if you can try to create a template for that type of conversation in your head, maybe you can figure out a way to avoid the names of schools coming up. After all, who wants to mention Duke University to your classmates if that’s the school you want to go to? What if they didn’t think of applying to Duke? You quite possibly just got yourself some new competition to be a Blue Devil. Did you want that? …We didn’t think so.

If you’re applying to Cornell, don’t start wearing a Cornell hoodie every day when you go to school. That’s advertising to the whole school where you applied. There is no need to transmit this information to the entire universe! Be a little smarter. Be safer. Wear a Cornell ankle bracelet under your pants where nobody can see it if you think it’ll improve your odds of admission (it won’t). But don’t flaunt it. It’s a bad move that too many high school students make year in and year out. College admissions secrecy can be a good idea.


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