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Have a college admissions question? Ask us.

Do you have college admissions questions? We post all the time about the highly selective college admissions process. We post about college essays and college interviews, teacher letters of recommendation, and mistakes one can make when filling out The Common Application. We cover just about every topic in college admissions. We like to think of our website as a great resource for parents and students as they go through the admissions process. It will better inform them. It will demystify the process and correct their misconceptions. It will educate them. But maybe there’s a topic that we haven’t covered. Maybe there’s a topic you’re interested in reading about that we’ve never discussed.

If there’s a topic related to college admissions — any topic at all — that you think we should discuss, let us know by posting below. It will be our opportunity to answer college admissions questions and to give you answers that are complete and easily understandable. The game of highly selective college admissions is a logical one and it’s our goal to bring that logic to you. It’ll make you less stressed. It’ll put you at ease. Sometimes it means telling you that you’re doing something right! Even telling someone that they’re doing something right can make one feel better almost instantaneously. But, yes, it’s often about correcting things students are doing wrong, things that can hinder their chances of admission to the college of their dreams.

So post below with your college admissions questions. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and we’ll answer them in upcoming blog posts. Ask even questions you’re embarrassed to ask! Who cares. We’ll answer any and all questions that you pose in the comments below!

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