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April 10, 2011

College Admissions Planning

Should parents be more included in the college admissions process?

There is an article in this weekend’s “Washington Post” that describes what university admissions counselors are doing in order to invite parents into the college admissions planning process. In the article, parents talk about how colleges host fairs and activities but there isn’t an activity that is targeted for parents and at the end of the day, it’s going to be the parents who are paying for their child’s college experience. And then there’s a college tour guide who talks about how he wishes parents couldn’t go on college tours because they take a whole lot of fun out of them.

But the article also discusses ways in which colleges have been catering to parents of college applicants as they do their college admissions planning. Many universities have in fact been designing college admissions planning events that are fun and informative just for them. According to the “Washington Post” article, “In this spring admission season, many colleges target parents via their Web sites, and some address financial aid letters: ’To the parents of…’ Catholic University plans to have a parents-only reception with administrators, professors and alumni this month.”

“St. Mary’s College of Maryland posts letters from parents and their e-mail addresses on its admissions Web site. And Wake Forest University hosts a ’mock class’ for parents to pepper faculty with questions. Students have long sought to make independent choices about college. ’Now it’s a family decision,’ said Martha Allman, dean of admissions at Wake Forest.”

Check out the “Washington Post” article on parents and college admissions planning.

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