College Admissions Officers

College admissions officers have quite a lot of power. These are the folks who are reading your college essays, who are reviewing your high school grades and test scores. These are the folks who will either laugh at your possibly off-color joke or will hate it so much that it puts you out of contention (those kinds of risks aren’t worth it for applicants). College admissions officers are the ones who will decide whether or not you will be admitted to the college or your dreams or if your application will be denied. Maybe you’ve dreamed of attending Stanford since you were a little kid, watching Casey Jacobsen swish jumpers on the hardwood. The Stanford admissions officer reviewing your application can make you a Cardinal or crush what you’ve always wanted.

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College admissions officers can also be unknowing matchmakers.

And college admissions officers have the power to decide even more. What other power do they have, you ask? They can decide your life. Many people marry someone they met in college. So as these college admissions officers are reviewing your application, they might also be reviewing the application of your future partner. Whether knowingly or not (unknowingly for sure!), college admissions officers are playing matchmaker. “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch.”

Since college admissions officers may have unknowingly introduced you to your significant other, they also may have influenced your life’s geography. If your girlfriend is headed to med school in San Francisco after college, you may find yourself on the move to California. And then you just might settle down there, buy a house, and have three kids. And where does it all trace back to? College admissions officers. Who else has such power over your life? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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