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College Admission Madness, Admission Madness, University Admission Madness

Mr. Bruni makes yet another false statement about college admissions in an interview with Katie Couric of “Yahoo News.”

We came across this interview entitled “College Admissions Madness” between Katie Couric and Frank Bruni that we figured we’d bring to the attention of our readers. For those not familiar with Mr. Bruni, we’ve written about him quite a bit on our college admissions blog of late. Overall, we get that he likes to get his name out there, but so many of the points he continues to make on college admissions are completely and utterly wrong and not based on data and facts. His major argument is that going to highly selective colleges shouldn’t matter. And yet Mr. Bruni’s own Wikipedia page leads with his education at UNC and Columbia. Oh, the irony. The madness (said with the delivery of the inimitable Kevin O’Leary)!

We’re just going to point out one point that Mr. Bruni makes in this interview with Katie Couric that is absolutely incorrect. We don’t have the energy to dissect all of the things he says that are wrong. It would be a full-time job. Does that mean that everything he says about the highly selective college admissions process is wrong? No. But quite a bit is. In this particular interview, he suggests that more and more students are applying to upwards of ten, fifteen schools because it is “no more work” to complete these additional applications. Is he kidding? Mr. Bruni, familiarize yourself with the application process before you purport to be an expert on it. Each of the highly selective colleges requires supplements and many of these universities require that students write a whole lot of essays that must be specifically tailored to their university. They cannot — and should not — be used elsewhere by applicants. A Why Penn essay should not be recycled as a Why University of Chicago essay. These schools want to feel the love and they’re smart enough to know when you’re trying to recycle an essay — especially when there are no specifics to the University of Chicago within it!

We kindly ask Mr. Bruni to stop putting out false statements about the highly selective college admissions process. While one of the main purposes of this college admissions blog is to correct misconceptions and inaccuracies that are out there for the world to read, Mr. Bruni is giving us far too much work. We can’t wait for his book tour to be over. And, based on BookScan data, it likely will be over soon. Bye Felicia.


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