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Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to their dream colleges in the Early Decision / Early Action round. We couldn’t be happier for you!

We have quite a few loyal readers of our college admissions blog. Some of these folks become clients and some of them just come to us for free information. If only they knew that our best kept secrets never appear on the pages of this college admissions blog. This secret sauce is reserved expressly for our clients. But we know that one of our clients in particular is an avid reader of this blog and her child earned admission in Early Decision / Early Action to a dream college this month. We’re not supposed to have favorites but this family is one of our very favorites we’ve ever worked with. The kid is just, in a word, cool. So here it is. We love our love letters.

My Love Letter to Ivy Coach,

Life is good today. It isn’t always but today it is. My beautiful, brilliant, hard working, sweet daughter was accepted yesterday to her Ivy League dream school. The one she has had her heart set on attending since middle school. What would today have been like if she didn’t get in? Awful, for sure.

What I have learned through helping two children through the highly selective college admissions process is that most students and parents truly have no idea how competitive the process is. They say they know but truly they don’t. A couple of parents were shocked recently when I said to them, “you need to look at this way…when admissions officers have 20 files in front of them and can only put one in the accept pile (in the case of schools like Harvard, Stanford and Princeton), they are not looking for reasons to accept your child, they are looking for reasons to put them in the deny pile”. That’s the reality.

But parents think, my child is brilliant, my child has amazing scores, my child has done community service. My response: take a look at results threads on College Confidential for the most competitive schools. I did after my son was denied from his dream school (we unfortunately didn’t use Ivy Coach for him). I only reviewed maybe a few dozen posts and my eyes started glazing over at the amazing credentials of these kids. 2300+ on SAT, perfect subject test scores, a hundred AP classes with perfect scores, math Olympiad, Intel science winner, class president, president of a hundred other clubs, a million hours of community service…you get the idea. And then look at how many of these kids were not accepted. But what really amazed me was how bored I got reading these credentials. I found myself looking for something that made a kid stand out. And, yes, I realize it seems crazy that they don’t stand out with these kinds of credentials but they all start to look the same.

Now imagine the admissions officers with hundreds and thousands of these files in front of them. How will your child stand out in this huge pile of incredibly talented kids? These is where Ivy Coach excels. They are exceedingly accomplished at helping a student put forward in their application and essays the best version of themselves. To clearly articulate how they are unique (because let’s face it, each of our kids is totally completely unique). Ivy Coach knows how to make them stand out from that huge towering pile of brilliant kids.

Ivy Coach is not for everyone. It’s very expensive. But you will be paying over a quarter of a million dollars to that college of your child’s dreams. Paying a very small fraction of that to a college counselor that would help get our child into the college of her dreams was more than worth it for us. Because (another harsh reality), if you are not living in poverty or not able to pay for Dream College’s new library, your child falls in that middle space that makes it even more difficult to get pulled out of the towering application pile into the accept pile.

The service that Ivy Coach offers is also amazing in alleviating the stress throughout the application. Brian not only helped my daughter through the process, he was amazingly kind and thoughtful to me. He responded with wisdom, compassion, and expert knowledge to all of my many questions, concerns, and hysterias throughout the process. He even emailed and called me on decision day with suggestions on how to minimize the stress of waiting.

So, if you are fortunate enough to have disposable income and do not want to be regretting things the day after Decision Day, hire Ivy Coach. I wish I had for my son and couldn’t be happier that I did for my daughter.

And I am a real parent who would be happy to talk by phone with any parents with questions about Ivy Coach’s services.

Christine Sherman

Milton, Massachusetts


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