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Many students (and their parents) believe that the universities that send mail to a student are recruiting that student. Is that true? Yes and no. If Princeton sends Sally an email every few weeks in addition to some letters and pamphlets in the mail, does that mean Princeton intends to admit Sally? Absolutely not. Colleges want students to apply. Why? Because the more students who submit applications, the more they can deny, the lower their admissions rate will be for the year, and the stronger their “US News & World Report” ranking will be!

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If a university sends you a brochure, this does not mean they think you can get in. It means they care about their "US News" ranking (photo from: "US News & World Report")!

So, basically, colleges are using Sally. They’re using her to boost their numbers. Is it possible that Sally has a good chance of getting in? Yes. But based only on the fact that she receives these kinds of college admissions letters and brochures, it’s equally as possible that she has no legitimate shot at admission and the college is only using her to boost their numbers. The college admissions process is a game and colleges depend on students falling for their game.

So when you get a letter from Harvard with your C average, nothing special test scores, and no particular talent, you might want to consider saving your application money to Harvard and instead using the letter as a placemat on your bedside table. If you happened to read Rick Perry’s book or watch the Republican Presidential Debate, the Texas governor believes Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. We’d like to know if you, like many deans of admission at highly competitive schools, think this particular college admissions practice should be banned. Let us know your thoughts by posting below!

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