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Are you seeking out college admissions help? We’re sometimes asked why students and parents should seek out college admissions help from outside of public or private high school college counseling offices. It’s a question we used to hear more back in the relatively nascent days of the private college counseling industry but it’s one that pops up to this day from time to time. We should start off by saying that the Founder of Ivy Coach worked for many years as a high school college counselor. We have nothing against high school counselors. Some are good. Some are even great. Some are terrible. It’s true among plumbers, dentists, yoga instructors, high school counselors…you name it. And whether they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between, we won’t interact with them. After all, our college admissions help is exclusively behind the scenes as any good private college counselor’s work should be.

The fact is that most high school counselors aren’t trained to offer outstanding college admissions help. They’re trained at a host of important issues from crisis intervention to helping accommodate students with learning disabilities…the list goes on. Even if they do have an understanding of how college admissions works, that doesn’t mean they have an understanding of how highly selective college admissions work. The vast majority of colleges in America are not highly selective — these schools are the exceptions, not the rule.

High school counselors often have enormous caseloads. No matter how good they may be, how can they truly make sure that every single component of every single essay and every part of the application is in outstanding shape for submission? How much time can they really spend with each student brainstorming wonderfully unique and powerful directions for supplemental essays, for honing a singular admissions hook? How can they know all the tricks of the trade? And even at private schools — yes even at the so-called ‘elite’ boarding schools — college counselors can be good, bad, and somewhere in between. And you bet those college counselors can play favorites, going to bat for only the students they truly wish to champion. You bet that your daughter’s boarding school is going to play politics when your daughter is applying to a given school and a child of another family who has given many millions to the boarding school is also applying to that same university. If your instinct is that the school’s college counselor is going to go to bat for the child of the donor, your instinct is spot on. It happens every year. The world is round. At least according to everyone except the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving.

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