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Sign up for a college admissions evaluation today with Ivy Coach. You’ll want to hear what our crystal ball has to say about your chances for admission to your dream school.

As we approach the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines in the coming months, we strongly recommend that you sign up for a college admissions evaluation with us. During these college admissions evaluations, we will review an applicant’s transcript (9th, 10th, and 11th grade courses and grades), the courses the applicant is scheduled to take senior year, SAT / ACT scores, Subject Test scores, AP scores, extracurricular activities, the list of colleges the applicant is interested in applying to, the applicant’s high school course catalogue, the applicant’s high school profile and Naviance account, etc.

From this information, we at Ivy Coach can look into our crystal ball and let you know if we think you (or your son or daughter) has a shot of getting into, say, Duke University via Early Decision. Applicants only have one Early Decision card so it’s very important to use this card wisely. Sometimes, parents and students like to apply to schools that are major, major reaches. For instance, a ‘C’ student with 1,850 SATs applying to Duke via Early Decision is an extreme reach. Those are terrible grades and SAT scores. Duke is one of the most highly selective colleges in the nation. Unless this applicant is the son or daughter of Melinda Gates, our crystal ball tells us that this student is not getting in. So why waste the most valuable card in the admissions game — the Early card?

And our crystal ball can predict whether an applicant with more reasonable credentials can gain admission to a particular college as well. We do not take out our crystal ball on free 20-minute consultations in which we discuss our service offerings. But we do indeed take it out on these college admissions evaluations. So sign up for an evaluation today by filling out our consult form and writing that you’d like an evaluation in the comments area of the form.

Oh, and if you think we’re kidding about our crystal ball, check out what Michelle Li had to say about Ivy Coach’s crystal ball on the pages of “The Dartmouth.” We believe our crystal ball has about 96% accuracy!


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