College Admissions Errors

College Admission Errors, College Admissions Error, Mistakes in College Admissions

Don’t repeat yourself throughout your college application.

There’s a post up on the “US News & World Report” education blog entitled “Application Mistakes” and in the post, admissions officers detail common college admissions errors that applicants make. Neglecting to read directions is one common mistake. An admissions officer at Clemson University describes how American students often answer the question “do you have a Visa” when this question is clearly listed for international applicants only. The vice president for enrollment management at Butler doesn’t like it when parents take the lead. Being on the receiving end of too many phone calls from mommy and daddy can get irksome.

The dean of admission & financial aid at Bates College believes that submitting a resume that is too lengthy is a mistake. We couldn’t agree more! Nobody should have a resume longer than a page. Not even the President of the United States. Simplify, simplify as Henry David Thoreau would say. The Oberlin dean of admissions and financial aid doesn’t like it when students click submit without first proofreading their application. She specifically describes one student attempting to write about “The Lion King” but instead kept referring to “The Loin King.” Yikes!

The dean of undergraduate admissions at Washington University in St. Louis doesn’t believe that students should wait until the last minute to submit their applications as quite often they don’t go through and are instead lost in cyberspace. The assistant vice chancellor and director of undergraduate admissions at the University of California – Berkeley believes that applicants who repeat themselves throughout their applications are making a mistake. No kidding.

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