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There are no wolves in college admissions. So there’s no need for Fathers Who Cry Wolf.

We received a note today from a prospective client who told us that while we had a reputation to be difficult to pin down (among prospective clients), the fact that we hadn’t responded to her email of three hours earlier…now that’s pushing it. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. Our priority always goes to our existing clients. That said, our reputation among prospective clients to be difficult to pin down is a myth in the world of college admissions, much like need-blind admissions. Within 24 hours, we typically write back every single person who fills out our consultation form (by clicking on our orange button). Are there exceptions? Yes, every now and then we’ll get back to you in 36 hours or so. Maybe we wanted to bake an apple pie. Or a lot of apple pies. It happens. But yes, we write everyone back and we don’t just send an automatic response. Like the Taylor family behind Ivy Coach, we tailor our response to the form. So give us a beat. Take a breath. Relax. Go take a walk around the block or two. You’ll hear from us. You will. “A watched pot never boils…”

Going along with this theme, we had a call the other day from a parent who said he had a “college admissions emergency” and that we must speak to his daughter at once. Nonsense. We will do no such thing. We politely told him to please follow the instructions on our website, click on the orange button, and fill out our form. He insisted it was an emergency. Henceforth, let’s call him The Father Who Cried Wolf. Falling down the stairs and breaking limbs, a child in labor…now those are emergencies. There are no emergencies in college admissions. Not on December 31st, hours before the Regular Decision deadline. We get this day can be stressful for procrastinators. We do. And there are certainly not college admissions emergencies in mid-June. Can you imagine what the Father Who Cried Wolf will say come the days before the deadlines? Oy vey is right.

The fact is that we only have so many hours in a day and we’ve got a lot of folks filling out our forms. We can’t speak with everyone on the phone for unscheduled calls so parents can pick our brains about college admissions or, worse, spend minutes on end boasting of the accomplishments of their children. We’ve got lives to live and we make no apologies for this. We’ve got clients to help and we make no apologies for this either. So even though we refute the notion that it’s difficult for prospective clients to pin us down, know that we are always available to our existing clients. And know that maybe, just maybe, it’s a way for us to weed out the Fathers Who Cried Wolf. Because we don’t have time for such nonsense. Bye Felicia.


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