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Bev and Brian have a few remaining openings for prospective clients.

If you’re the parent of a middle schooler or high schooler and you’re interested in working directly with Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, and Brian Taylor, Managing Director of Ivy Coach, we have a couple of openings for prospective clients. Bev and Brian jointly take on a few students each year and while they’re currently filled up for current 9th graders, they’ve got one opening for current 11th graders, one opening for current 10th graders, and two openings for current 8th graders. As Bev never conducts free consults and Brian rarely conducts free consults, the pool of clients they work with tends to be limited to returning clients: the younger children and nieces and nephews of parents who have worked with us previously. It leaves limited availability for potential new clients who have not worked with us previously.

If you’re curious about the fee, we don’t like to write about our fees but, yes, they’ve been widely reported and we’re happy to address them during a free consultation. And while we appreciate that our fees are high, please understand that we can only work with so many students each year and we want each of them to be as happy as can be when their children learn of their admissions decisions. We would never take on a student if we didn’t feel that we could give them the best case possible for admission to the colleges of their dreams.

When folks write in, many ask to work directly with Bev and/or Brian but, of course, we can’t accommodate each of them (and, frankly, many don’t realize our fees, anyway). To be clear, this is the only pathway to working directly with Bev. Brian takes on a few more students each year on his own, although his availability is also limited to select clients. So if you’re interested in working with the team of Bev and Brian, please fill out our free consultation form by clicking on the orange button atop our website. At the bottom of the form, indicate Bev and Brian. We’ll then be in touch to set up a free consultation.


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