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Ivy Coach will not stand for companies that plagiarize our original content verbatim.

If you aren’t already aware, there are thousands of private college admissions counseling websites on the Internet. And each and every day, new ones pop up. Typically, the folks behind these websites have no college admissions expertise whatsoever (with a few exceptions for sure). And every now and then, these folks with their websites that are put together overnight copy some of the content of Ivy Coach website verbatim. They steal our homepage content, they steal our blogs, our services page, our Ivy League Statistics analyses, and much more. The fact is that these people who are using our copyrighted content without our authorization are in violation of Title 17 United States Code § 107.

People seem to be under the misimpression that original content creators — as we are with hundreds and hundreds of blogs and material on highly selective college admissions — won’t be able to find websites that copy their content. With websites like “Copyscape,” it’s actually quite easy. By running the URLs of your website through “Copyscape,” you can find companies in violation of Title 17 United States Code § 107. It’s a great service for original content creators. In school growing up, copying someone else’s work can lead to detention. In college, it often leads to expulsion. In business, it leads to litigation. Copying another website’s content isn’t only illicit, it also causes damage to the original content creator as duplicate content can hurt the creator’s website in search engine results pages.

Ivy Coach does not stand for the theft of our original content. We work very hard to bring our audience fresh, insightful, and original material each and every day of the week and we won’t stand for another company claiming our content as its own. We will always protect our content. Our intellectual property, after all, is fundamentally important to our business as it is for so many honest American businesses.


You are permitted to use (including the content of the Blog) for your personal, non-commercial use only. You must not copy, download, print, or otherwise distribute the content on our site without the prior written consent of The Ivy Coach, Inc.


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