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We offer free 20-minute college admissions consults at Ivy Coach.

At Ivy Coach, we offer a free 20-minute college admissions consult. The purpose of this free consultation is for potential clients to better understand our service offerings. Maybe they’re curious how we work with students all around the world via phone, Skype, and email. If you haven’t read our blog on how we will help your kid get into Harvard but we will not serve you biscuits, you should! Who needs a biscuit anyway? Go to Denny’s. You don’t need a biscuit from Ivy Coach. Or maybe parents and students have questions about how we help students refine their college admissions essays. The free admissions consultation is a terrific opportunity to get clarity on how we help students write and rewrite their many essays required of all the highly selective schools to which they’re applying. Good writing is about rewriting. And rewriting some more. Most first drafts are terrible. Yours is likely not an exception. Sorry.

Another purpose of our free 20-minute college admissions consults is so that we can gain a better understanding of you. Our time is precious. We want to work with students and parents whom we enjoy working with. We take such pleasure when we receive beautiful thank you notes when students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. Those phone calls on Decision Day in which students and parents call us and we can barely make out what they’re saying because they’re so unbelievably excited — that’s why we do what we do. Decision Day (and Decision Day thankfully comes a couple times each year — yay!) is our Christmas and Chanukah all in one. It’s even our Festivus, if you happen to be a fan of “Seinfeld.”

Sometimes during these free consults, we realize that we wouldn’t enjoy working with a certain parent or student. Maybe we find a parent’s line of questioning to be rude. Or maybe we just can’t take on any more students because it’s crunch time and all of our resources are devoted to our existing clients. Sometimes parents especially like to pick our brains during these calls. That’s fine. But there are certain things we won’t deal with. Our 20-minute free admissions consults are our time out of our days and we like to spend our days working with people who appreciate us and what we have to offer. We know. We’re crazy like that.


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