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During your college admissions consult, don’t eat up the time bragging about how your child is a first chair violinist.

At Ivy Coach, we offer a free 30-minute college admissions consult. Almost all of our students start off with this free college admissions consult and it’s a great way to realize some mistakes you’re making whether or not you choose to use our services. And just about everyone makes mistakes in the highly selective admissions process. If you think you’re doing everything right, that overconfidence might just be your pitfall on your application!

We’d like to offer a word of advice if you’re interested in getting a free 30-minute college admissions consult with us and that is: Instead of boasting about your child for 20 minutes ask us questions, and then listen to our answers. So many parents like to tell us how amazing their children are, how they are the most brilliant students in their classes (sometimes in spite of their 620 verbal and 640 math on the SAT), how they are uniquely talented at the bassoon, and how every college is clamoring for them. If instead you prepare questions, and then listen carefully to our recommendations, you just might be able to maximize your child’s chances of admission to highly selective colleges.

Wouldn’t that make much more sense? Brag to your neighbor. Brag to your cousin. But please don’t brag to us. You’re not going to impress us. Not if your child is a first chair violin. Not if your child has perfect SATs. Not if your child is Miss America. Chances are we’ve worked with more brilliant and talented students. The first step towards improving your child’s odds of admission is recognizing that you and your child need help in the college admissions process, no matter how brilliant and talented your child is.


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