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We don’t often get referrals at Ivy Coach. But we always get siblings. And we very often get the cousins too.

We have a long-running joke at Ivy Coach. And that joke is that we rarely get referrals. “Wait, what,” you ask. Why on earth would you boast about not getting referrals? Doesn’t that undermined your business. Absolutely not. We rarely get referrals because our students so often do get into their dream colleges but most people don’t want to admit to their friends that their children had help in the process. And we’re absolutely ok with this. We’re used to it. We accepted it long ago. Parents want to keep their secret weapons just that — a secret.

But our running joke is that while we may rarely get the friends of former clients as clients, we always get the siblings and we usually get the cousins. So we love families with lots of kids because we tend to get all the kids. And we love families with lots of cousins because we tend to get all the cousins too. But not the friends. Not the neighbors. Who wants to admit they had help earning admission to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford? Not most people.

So when a client tell us, “I’m going to refer so many people to you,” we usually say, “You probably won’t. Most don’t. And that’s normal. But we look forward to working with each of your children and each of your nephews and nieces.” And they usually laugh. Because they know it’s the truth. After all, we have a reputation at Ivy Coach for telling it like it is.


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