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Absolutely Unrelated Thought of the Day: There are often lots of celebrities wandering around Beverly Hills (photo credit: Jjron).

Experience can often teach empathy. In our own business, we’re often surprised when folks during free college admissions consults — folks who are not our clients but are rather prospective clients — make the assumption that we wish for them to be our clients. The free college admissions consultation that we offer is to learn about our services and it’s as much for us to figure out if we wish to work with a prospective client as it is for the prospective client to figure out if they wish to work with us. Sometimes the fact that it’s a two-way street surprises prospective clients but we have limited hours in our days and we wish to live happy lives. So why take on clients who we think will be unkind? It is our longstanding policy at Ivy Coach to only work with kind people. And it is a policy that has served us well for over a quarter of a century.

But every business owner also frequents or uses the services of other businesses. Maybe they go to restaurants and sports arenas. Maybe they hire electricians and plumbers. When you own and/or run a business, you invariably think of these businesses differently. For us, we don’t assume that business always want to work with us. Maybe our electrical job will be too small for an electrician. Maybe our leaky faucet is unfixable. Maybe a fancy Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills wants to have celebrities seated by the window at the 8:00 dinner hour rather than us. And that’s ok.

Sometimes even we sit in restaurants and cross our fingers that the wait staff will choose to bring us menus. We kid, we kid! But you get the idea. Every business has the right in these United States to work exclusively with kind people if they so wish. And this right has, over the decades, become our creed at our college admissions business.


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