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We’re approaching 1,000 college admissions blogs at Ivy Coach.

As we approach having 1,000 college admissions blogs on Ivy Coach website (not to mention a number of blogs on our sister site), we thought we’d ask you what college admissions topics you’ve got questions about. Do you have a question about what makes for a good college essay topic? Or what constitutes a strong letter of recommendation from a teacher (as opposed to a bland one)? Or what size of a donation does it take for your child to be classified as a development case? There are so many questions you might have.

So post your questions in the comments section below. Feel free to write long questions. Or short questions. We’ll answer as many as we see. Or maybe you have a question about a previous college admissions blog of ours like when we wrote about legacy admission at Harvard or when Claremont McKenna College was involved in a college admissions scandal. So what’s your question? We’re curious to hear from you, our readers who help make Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog the single best college admissions blog out there. Anywhere.


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