College Admissions and the Imitators

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Imitation is certainly not flattery to us. It’s plagiarism (photo credit: Aaron Charles).

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. If such is the case, a number of private college counselors across America and around the world sure have been flattering Ivy Coach a bunch over the years. And by flattering us, what we mean is…they’ve been copying us. Indeed they’ve been copying some of our content verbatim and claiming it as their own for the promotional purposes of their own private college counseling businesses.

It never ceases to amaze us that these private college counselors think they’ll get away with it. They think they can just lift our copyrighted content, our creative and original writings and musings that feature our expertise on college admissions, without our authorization and claim it as their own. Yes, check out the article we linked to if you wish to see the most egregious example of plagiarism by a private college counselor that we’ve come across in the over quarter of a century in which Ivy Coach has been in business. It’s not flattery, not to us. No way. It’s a violation of our rights and it sure doesn’t feel good.

To any private college counselor across America or around the world thinking of lifting our content on college admissions and claiming it as your own thinking we won’t notice, think again. It’s quite easy to track down folks who copy our content online. There are easy-to-use plagiarism detection services. And if you think we won’t go to any length to protect our intellectual property, you should also think again. While the vast majority of private college counselors are good and honest people who would never think to do such a thing, to the few exceptions who don’t respect our intellectual property, who so cavalierly claim our words as their own, may this warning ring from sea to shining sea that we won’t let that stand. Not now. Not ever.


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