College Admissions and Hamburgers

Louis’ Lunch doesn’t let patrons eat their burgers with ketchup — and they often catch Yale students who try to sneak in condiments. How do they react? “Get outa here!” Photo credit: Dmadeo.

Students sometimes ask us, “Can you help me with my Personal Statement? I don’t need help with all the other essays — just the Personal Statement.” Others declare, “I don’t need an evaluation. I just need help with my essays.” And do you know what we say to these students (and their parents since their parents so often ask the same questions)? We say, “No.” At Ivy Coach, for students applying for undergraduate admission, we do not offer piecemeal help. And do you know what we have to say about college counseling companies that do offer such help? We say, “Run!”

One Great Element of a College Application is of No Value if All Elements Aren’t Great

Helping a student craft an outstanding Personal Statement will not serve that applicant if his or her other equally as important supplemental essays aren’t just as powerful — and complementary. Helping a student craft an outstanding Personal Statement will not serve that applicant if his or her activities do not reflect the singular focus that student is attempting to convey in his her or storytelling. Helping a student with his or her essays will not help that student earn admission to an Ivy League school if that student is not taking math or foreign language as a senior. And to all you students taking AP Statistics as seniors thinking that’s math, in the eyes of admissions officers at our most elite universities…it most certainly is not!

Ivy Coach’s Simple, Streamlined Services

Ivy Coach’s services are simple and streamlined. We offer a one-hour evaluation in which we’ll address coursework, testing, extracurriculars, and school choices (depending on the student’s year in high school). We’ll fix mistakes that students and their parents don’t even realize are mistakes. We’ll offer a strategy so that student can optimize his or her case for admission. Of course, how that student executes that strategy is a big part of Ivy Coach’s secret sauce. It’s why our assistance after the one-hour evaluation is based on the number of college applications we work on together — with a minimum of three.

Parents and Students Often Don’t Know What College Admissions Help They Need, But We Know

And that’s all there is to it. There are no other options. If a student or parent don’t want our one-hour evaluation but instead want help with an essay or six, we can’t — and we won’t — help them. You see, people might think they know what they want. But, in highly selective college admissions, we know what people need — and it’s often very different from what they want. It’s why Louis’ Lunch, a hamburger joint in New Haven (home of Yale University) which claims to have been the first restaurant to have served a hamburger (it’s been verified by the Library of Congress!), doesn’t allow patrons to put ketchup on their burgers. Or any condiments for that matter.

A Salute to Louis’ Lunch in New Haven for Their Great Burgers

We at Ivy Coach applaud and salute Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut for inventing the hamburger, for continuing to churn out great burgers through all these years, for not allowing patrons to add whatever condiments they see fit, and for sticking with what works. At Ivy Coach, we take this same approach to the college admissions process. Choice, you see, isn’t all it’s often made out to be and frankly our track record, well, it speaks for itself.

You want help with a Personal Statement? No soup hamburger for you!


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